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JTBSR EHS Drilling Rig Representative will maintain the day-to-day onshore interface with all on-board staff and contractors. JTBSR EHS Drilling Rig Representative applies analytic, technical, industry knowledge, standards and practices to drive continuous EHS improvement. JTBSR EHS Drilling Rig Representative works closely with all Well Site Leadership and rig contractors to identify the best solutions, which address priority EHS needs or issues. EHS Drilling Rig Representative provides constant onsite support and coaching to help ensure EHS systems are fully implemented and sustained by the work crews.

JTBSR Technical Competencies:

1. Environmental Management

2. Occupational Health & Safety

3. Hazard & Risk Management

4. Emergency Preparedness

5. Incident Reporting & Investigation (Tap Root® Root Cause Analysis)

6. Audit & Assurance

JTBSR EHS Services:

• Provide EHS consultation and support for Onshore Drilling & Completion Operations Team.

• Maintain a high level of visibility on the rig to participate, observe, and coach personnel on working safely and conducting effective Permit to Work, JSAs and hazard recognition.

• Monitor “safety and work” performance of contractors and coordinate with contractor personnel to understand safety performance gaps and implement improvement plans. Enact STOP work when necessary.

• Participate in facility orientation briefings for all new personnel immediately upon their arrival.

• Provide onsite EHS Training and Coaching.

• Provide support for the client’s emergency response activities including training, drills, and incident response.

• Lead or participate in onsite incident investigations, including Tap Root® root cause analysis when required.

• Communicates best practices, Lessons Learned, safety and environmental alerts to rig staff.

• Identify any potential gaps against the Client and Contractor EHS bridging document and/or Contractor EHS

• Policies/Procedures/Management System, and identify corrective actions.

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