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JTBSR provides oil refinery workplace safety management and has a proven system for managing contractor safety performance through continuous project monitoring, evaluating contractor safety training and ensuring the preplanning of work to “build safety in” to the projects. We will represent your company’s interests on projects and ensure contractor compliance with regulations, contractual obligations for safety, and coaching and guidance understand the importance of running a safe project.

JTBSR Can Provide:

• Full-time site safety professionals deployed to the project

• Training on refinery safety and health topics

• Contractor safety program evaluations and selection guidance

• Development of Refinery-specific health and safety documents and procedures

• Benchmarking and gap analysis consulting for corporate governance on projects

Turnaround / Shutdown Safety Services:

JTB Safety Resources is your reliable and proven partner for providing petrochemical plants with turnaround safety services. We provide your plant with the safety support needed during crucial turnaround and shutdown periods.

Our turnaround services include:

• Rental equipment for respiratory protection, gas detection, fall protection, personal protection, and confined space entry

• Highly trained on-site technicians to support maintenance, calibration, cleaning and tracking of equipment

• Safety supplies (PPE)

• Personal protective equipment

• Certified safety personnel: safety technicians; confined space rescue teams; hole watch; fire watch; trainers; paramedical personnel

• Industrial health services: pulmonary function testing; respiratory equipment fit testing; drug and alcohol testing; industrial hygiene

• Onsite safety training and orientation

• Emergency response plans

• Office/air trailer equipment

• Breathing air equipment rentals and services

• Mobile shower services Plant Turnaround

• Cooling trailers

• Standby and emergency medical services

We improve safety and compliance, helping companies reach their risk reduction goals.

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