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Meet Our Management Team




Kellie Harrison

Kellie graduated with an MBA from the University of Houston in 2009 in addition to working full time throughout her education. While Kellie was the Manager at Coastal Crushed Concrete, she was exposed to a very progressive safety culture and a genuine concern for employee and subcontractor wellbeing. The important lessons and commitment to zero incidents and injuries was something she took with her, aiding in her vision leading her to be one of the founding members of JTB Safety Resources, LLC. She saw a need and an opportunity to duplicate the culture of safety that was embraced at Coastal Crushed Concrete. She brings the nurturing quality that is required to bring dedicated safety professionals and committed clients together in an effort to produce a “world class” environmental, health and safety effort.


Danny Torrecillas

Danny Torrecillas started his Occupational Safety & Health career in 2000 in South Florida conducting OSHA required training and field inspections within the construction industry. In 2006 Danny relocated to New Orleans, LA and successfully managed numerous government and private construction jobsites. In April of 2008 he decided to expand his knowledge and experience joining a Safety & Health Consulting firm in Texas where he began at the bottom and worked his way to become the Director of Operations. In December 2011 JTB Safety Resources, LLC was established. JTBSR has continuously provided exceptional safety services to clients throughout the United States within the oil and gas, general industry, construction, and the transportation industries. With fifteen successful years of experience and as Vice President of Operations with JTBSR he wishes to continue to posatively impact employees and employers through effective safety management and guidance.


Greg Dugat

Greg attended San Jacinto Jr. College and University of Houston, graduating with an Applied Science degree in Industrial Safety, Health & Fire Protection. He was employed for 9 years with Houston Lighting & Power Company, followed by 20 years with Sunbelt Rentals. He has worked various roles within management including Region Vice President of SBR, a multi-billion dollar public entity where he eventually left to begin his private sector business.

Although Greg has many credentials and accreditations, spoken at professional conferences and even recognized in The Houston Business Journal, he is quick to acknowledge this is a small part of his success. The thousands of employees that have gone home safely to their familes each day while they and their employers generated a nice income is the largest reward.

Greg achieved his high level of accomplishments by emphasising a TEAM leadership philosophy with posative communication and consistent goals.