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Worksite Analysis

JTB Safety Resources offers the following audit and inspection services to assist your existing safety, environmental, management system, and DOT Program.

Each Audit/Inspection is:

• Performed against an Established Regulation, Standard, or Guideline

• Documented

Each Issue or Non-Conformance:

• Is Documented

• Is Described and Photographed (when applicable)

The following information is provided in each Audit/Inspection Report:

• Description of the Issue

• Digital Photography or Digital Video of the Issue where applicable

• The Regulatory Citation, Standard Citation, or Guideline is Quoted

• A Hazard Rating is Applied, where applicable

• Suggested Corrective Action is Provided

We are pleased to provide Auditing and Inspection Services to all types of Organizations, including:

• Insurance Companies - Safety Audits of the Insurance Company Client's Facilities and offer Recommendations for Improvement

• Manufacturing Facilities, Paper Mills, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Fabrication Shops, Machine Shops, Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants

• Contractors

• Industrial Facilities

• Municipal Facilities

• Engineering Firms

• Industrial Construction Sites

• Commercial Construction Sites

• Residential Construction Sites

Each audit service is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively assist each client towards compliance with applicable Standards and Regulations. Audit reports are comprehensive and include the audit findings, digital photography, regulatory citations, and suggested corrective action. Audit reports are provided in hard copy, compact disc, and electronic media.