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Comprehensive safety programs are essential to developing a world-class safety culture. We provide effective, comprehensive safety program development for construction, general industry, and transportation. JTB Safety Resources can develop a new safety program or review and revise an existing one.

We follow a five-step approach in developing a safety program for our clients:

• JTB Safety Resources will conduct an assessment of the client's current activities. The initial

assessment is necessary to establish an understanding of operations a company performs. This

assessment involves site visits of ongoing work activity and interviews with the management team.

• Using all information gathered in the initial assessment, JTB Safety Resources and the client's

management team will establish necessary policies and procedures to be included in the program.

• The development of the Safety Program will be completed once the necessary policies and procedures have been established.

JTB Safety Resources will create a specific program designed to meet each client's requirements.

• Once the writing of the program is completed, we will meet with the management team to review and make any revisions to the program's content.

• The development of an implementation plan for the new Safety Program is the final step of the process. We will assist the client in the planning process and implementation of the new program (i.e. record keeping, training, site assessments, etc...).

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