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JTB Safety Resources is a leader nationally in providing construction safety staffing. The safety professionals we provide have deep expertise on the safety needs at construction sites, including fall protection, cranes, personal protective equipment, aerial lifts and electrical work.

We know that when you have a construction safety staffing need, it is often immediate. We can respond very quickly.

Temporary safety staffing professionals remain our employees. We handle all payroll and human resources matters. This minimizes the administrative burden on you. If a temporary construction safety professional becomes ill or cannot perform the duties as you require, we will quickly provide a substitute.

JTB Safety Resources also is expert in addressing OSHA requirements at multi-employer work sites, as construction projects almost always are. A recent court decision has affirmed OSHA’s authority to issue citations against a controlling contractor for safety issues caused by a subcontractor, even if the controlling contractor’s employees were not exposed.

We are one of the few construction safety staffing firms whose management actually has construction safety and OSHA expertise.