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JTB Safety Resources' safety professionals perform standardized or custom loss control surveys for insurance agents, brokers, carriers and employers. These surveys are used to assist customers exhibiting upward loss trends or to aid insurers wishing to prescreen potential customers. Companies seeking insurance coverage may also benefit from the same surveys by using them to promote their safety successes.

Because we have extensive experience in loss control and working with insurance carriers, we understand what your company needs to do to satisfy insurance companies and lower your costs. Our custom loss-control surveys provide a detailed examination of your loss trends, and audits of both safety programs and facilities allow us to call attention to deficiencies, make recommendations for improvement, and identify opportunities for effective safety training.

Examine this document to gain a better understanding of a loss control survey.

Loss Control Surveys: What You Don't Know WILL Hurt You

To help reduce and prevent rising workers compensation costs, our experienced staff will customize a plan for your company’s specific needs by identifying opportunities to reduce claim frequency and severity.

With a worker's compensation claims management program tailored to your specific needs, you can reduce your costs, improve safety awareness, and save time & money.

Using complex and confusing loss runs you or your insurance agent already receive, we analyze the information exhaustively and report it to you in an easy-to-use format.

Loss Report Analysis

We analyze your current and past workers compensation claims history and report detailed results to you in an easy-to-read format. Comprehensive reports and graphs help you understand frequency, severity, average claim costs, and specific large losses, and their long-term impact on your company.

Injury Trending

We assign an injury body part, injury type, and injury cause to each claim and identify the leading contributors in each category. Other trending reports can identify claims by day, month, location, department, and even shift based on the information provided to us.

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