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ISNETWORLD® Management

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What is ISNetworld®

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ISNetworld® is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, and reliable contractors/suppliers from capital-intensive industries. ISNetworld® communicates safety standards throughout industries and provides a method for the subscribers to store documents and measure their safety statistics and also provides a method of evaluation and communication between companies and their contractors.

Our staff of Safety Professionals works closely with your company to develop the necessary safety programs (RAVS®), conduct training, and create documentation to ensure compliance with the specific requirements of ISNetworld® and your customers. Whether you are opening a new account with ISNetworld® and need assistance with the initial set up or if you already have an account and need help maintaining it, then we have the ability to do both. We can manage your account regardless of its status.

How Does It Work?

Getting your ISNetworld® account initially set up is a challenging process. The task can be very cumbersome and complex, which includes: completing lengthy questionnaires, developing safety programs, submitting information for review and acceptance, conducting various training sessions, etc. Also, based on your responses to the MSQ™ (Management System Questionnaire), ISNetworld® may require you to provide documentation such as safety programs, training documentation and insurance certificates. This section, called the RAVS® (Review and Verification Services), provides ISNetworld® proof of safety programs and processes your company operates by. Next, your company will also need to manage a section of the database called T‐RAVS™ (Training Review and Verification Services). This section requires your company to develop necessary programs, conduct training and documentation to ensure compliance with the specific requirements of ISNetworld®.

Once you have brought your ISNetworld® account into compliance, you will need to continue managing your account in order to keep your company 100% compliant with the constant changes.

The Benefits of Using A Third Party

Can your company risk losing out on the opportunity to work? Probably not, as it will become your company’s pathway to many new business opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry! Currently, there are 285 Owner Clients using ISNetworld® to search for compliant and safe sub‐contractors. If necessary, partnering with a reputable third party consulting company will save your staff hundreds of hours of writing, updating and implementing the programs necessary to become ISNetworld® compliant.

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Package A - Total Account Management Package B - ISNetworld® Safety Program